Augmented Reality

This demonstrates several augmented reality features, including unstable-webxr, magic-leap, ios-src, & the accompanying attribute quick-look-browsers.

iOS, Magic Leap & WebXR

  • ar

    Enable the ability to launch Scene Viewer on supported devices.

  • ar-scale

    Controls the scaling behavior in AR mode in Scene Viewer. Set to "fixed" to disable scaling of the model, which sets it to always be at 100% scale. Defaults to "auto" which allows the model to be resized.

  • ios-src

    Provides augmented reality on supported iOS 12+ devices via AR Quick Look, but requires an additional USDZ model.

  • quick-look-browsers

    Set this attribute to control which iOS browsers will be allowed to launch AR Quick Look on iOS. Allowed values are "safari" and "chrome". You can specify any number of browsers separated by whitespace, for example: "safari chrome". Defaults to "safari".

  • magic-leap

    Provides augmented reality on Magic Leap's Helio browser. Requires that the primary model be a GLB file, and the @magicleap/prismatic library.

  • unstable-webxr

    Provides augmented reality via the experimental WebXR Device API, implemented in Chrome Canary only behind flags. For more information see the AR with WebXR Codelab.