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  1. Try out your glTF & GLB models with our Editor, and download a whole customized starter website.


  1. API Documentation & Examples

Browser Support

<model-viewer> is supported on the last two major versions of all evergreen desktop and mobile browsers, plus the last two versions of Safari (on MacOS and iOS).

These browser features are only needed if you wish to use webxr in ar-modes:

Feature Chrome Canary Safari Firefox Edge Samsung Internet
WebXR Device API icon-check icon-check icon-na icon-na icon-check icon-check
WebXR HitTest API icon-check icon-check icon-na icon-na icon-check icon-check
WebXR DOM Overlay API icon-check icon-check icon-na icon-na icon-na icon-na
Natively supported
Available with polyfill
Behind a flag, unstable
Not available

:focus-visible is an as-yet unimplemented web platform feature that enables content authors to style a component on the condition that it received focus in such a way that suggests the focus state should be visibly evident.

The :focus-visible capability has not been implemented in any stable browsers yet. If the polyfill is available on the page, <model-viewer> will use it and only display focus rings when :focus-visible should apply.

Check out this related MDN article for more details on :focus-visible.